Tips to Perfectly Plan the Wedding Dance Performances

After the countless meeting with vendors for Indian wedding cards, Venue, catering, decorations and everything, it’s time to relax and have fun. When talking about fun, how can we forget the dance performances you are going to have for your Sangeet or wedding ceremony? From the couple to the parents, siblings, friends, everyone close become a part of this joyous union of love.

It is usually one of the most anticipated events by every guest. Practising for the performances with your family and friends is super fun but it may become tiresome and tedious for many. But with these few tips that are to be considered while preparing dance performances to make it all easier for you:

  • People performing in the ceremony

The first and the foremost thing is to know the people who would be performing at your wedding. From your man to your squad, to your family members and friends, you should make a list of all the people performing at your wedding. Having a fair idea of the number of people performing would help you in planning the whole vent accordingly. You can make a special mention of it on your wedding cards as well. Best Ways To Make Your Wedding Memorable.

  • Making pairs and groups

After knowing who all would be performing, it’s time to decide upon who will be performing with whom. Whether it would b in a pair or a complete group, knowing that would help you in choreography as well. It can be a solo performance, a group dance or people performing in pairs.

  • Pick up the beats

The next obvious step is to choose the song to be performed on in the wedding ceremony. This is very significant, even more than the entire choreography. Even if you miss out a few steps during the main performance, if you can match with the vibe of it the song, it’s all fine. Another thing to be considerate about is who is performing on which song. Make sure you choose the song accordingly. For instance, you can’t let groomsmen dance on any peppy feminine song. So make sure to choose the right song for the right person.

  • Choreographer and the type of choreography

The only good thing to watch during these performances is non-dancers giving their best to be the part of this joyous occasion for the sake of love. It can be your main man, your father, your grandmother, your brother or any of non-dancers friends. So make sure to have a choreography that is easy, simple and doable and most importantly easy to memorise keeping in mind the area of the stage as well. If you’re going to hire a professional choreographer, you have to spare some budget for that section as well. It’s not always necessary though to hire a choreographer. You or any of the good dancers can take upon the lead as well and if you don’t have any, don’t worry, the Internet has got your back.

Lastly, the most important thing is to have fun. It doesn’t need to be all perfect but what is necessary is it needs to be all fun and joyous.