Tips for hosting your Asian wedding in London

A wedding is a milestone that every woman is happy to cross. In the Asian specifically Indian community, a wedding is a huge deal that brings together friends, families and relatives. As a matter of fact, the glamour and entertainment in Indian weddings is legendary; from the colorfully dressed maids to the drummers who carry huge drums, fancily decorated chariots, and so much more.

Here at Cavendish Banqueting, we pride ourselves of offering you the ideal venues for your Asian wedding in London. We’ve been doing this since 2005 and we keep getting better and better at it. Below, you can check the quick tips on hosting your Asian wedding in London;

5 Tips For Making Your Asian Wedding Perfect In London

  • Choose the perfect venue. Wedding venues make the first mark of perfection for the bride and groom. Cavendish Banqueting Hall has a modern and spacious venue that can easily accommodate all your guests. It’s important the venue is not just spacious, but also conveniently located and with Cavendish Banqueting, this is well taken care of.
  • The decorations. Like aforementioned, Asian weddings are colorful and elegant by nature. It’s important that the venue you pick is well decorated to reflect the mood, feel, and ambiance of an Asian setting. Make sure the colors and special effects reflect the Asian culture. Get a professional wedding venue decorator who knows how to balance the neutral and bright colors to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding.
  • Entertainment. Asian wedding ceremonies have a lot of dancing. In a huge, cosmopolitan city like London, you’d expect that the dancing is a blend of both traditional and modern moves. Here at Cavendish Banqueting, our reception hall comes complete with modern audio equipment and music systems to keep your guests entertained all through. Our in house DJ is conversant with all the Indian wedding songs and those from other Asian cultures.
  • The menu. Your wedding menu can make or break your beautiful day. Asian cuisines range from traditionally prepared meals, to seafood, drinks, and other niceties unique to the Asian continent.  Never take this fact for granted, get a venue that has a proven record of making tasty Asian cuisines; your guests will love you for that effort!
  • Comfort and security; so often, couples plan about venues, foods, clothes to wear, honeymoon destinations; but ignore the security and comfort aspect! Your guests want to feel comfortable in the venue; they also want to know that their cars are safely packed within a walking distance. With Cavendish Banqueting, our air-conditioned Grand Hall is comfy and elegant; the parking is equally secure and is only a few minutes’ walk away.