4 Types of Relationships that Last the Longest

More often than we would like to admit, relationships don’t always go the way we imagine them to. The happy endings that we are used to seeing in Hollywood rom-coms, don’t happen as often as we would like them to in real life.

That’s because in the real world, relationships take time, effort and energy to maintain and succeed. It’s not enough to just be swept up in the romance of it all, and have an intense make-out session in the pouring rain. Couples need to learn how to be attentive and supportive of each other.

For a relationship to last (and be happy), it needs to be built on certain foundations. These are established by both parties and both work as hard to build up a long-lasting relationship. We will have a look at what those foundations are, and as a result which types of relationships tend to last for a longer period of time.

1. Relationships built on trust

Relationships with no trust tend not to last very long. This component is probably the most important thing needed in order for a relationship to succeed and last long-term.

Are you a reliable and dependable partner? Are you completely open and honest about everything – the good and the bad? And is your partner the same?

Or do you hide certain things from your partner out of fear or judgement?

Relationships built on trust means there are no secrets and everything is shared in confidence and love for your respected other.

2. Relationships built on forgiveness

Conflict resolution is vital for any relationship to work out and last. Arguing is a natural part of any relationship, in fact many relationships psychologists and researchers say that fighting shows you have a healthy relationship. It’s resolving the disagreements which is key.

Running away from arguments isn’t the answer, as they are inevitably going to happen again and again. Just as blowing it out of proportion and escalating an argument won’t do you any favours either. Finding a healthy medium where both parties are heard and understood, to reach a realm of peace is needed.

Don’t underestimate the power of two simple words, “I’m sorry”.

3. Relationships built on and around intimacy

This is an important one. Sex and physical intimacy keeps relationships alive, without it you create an unwanted barrier.

The more you have sex with your partner, the more you enjoy it and want to have it more frequently, creating a closer and more intimate bond between you both.

During sex oxytonin is released, which is known as the chemical of love and the bonding hormone. Very happy couples tend to have a healthy and thriving sex life.

4.Relationships build on shared morals and futures

It’s difficult building a long-lasting relationship with someone that is the complete opposite of everything you believe in and has the most polar opposite moral compass than you.

Couples that share the same ethnics tend to understand each other a lot more, and can in turn build a stronger relationship and future together.

There’s no point being with someone who wants to settle down and have a family right away, when you still want to travel and explore the world.